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Message from the Director

Welcome to the Leelanau Township Library
Message from the Director

March 23, 2017

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I plan to be retired in June of this year. The Library Advisory Committee was formed last November to search for a new Library Director, and their work is well underway.  At this time, 17 applications are being evaluated and the process is in a very good place.  Thanks LAC!  

Nearly 30 years ago, I accepted the position of Library Director, and it has been a wonderful journey of change, education and growth. I clearly remember the night I received the call from Treasurer, Ann Brow, saying I had been selected, and I remember my feelings of excitement, a bit of nervousness, but mostly passion for the position, because this was my dream job and I was living in my favorite place, Leelanau Township!  Our library has enriched me, my family and, most importantly, I hope it has enriched our library community.

It has been an honor to serve this creative, diverse, interesting group of people who truly value reading, learning, thinking, and sharing ideas. Interacting each day with our library patrons, in all their uniqueness, is the thing I will miss the most when I retire. I extend my heartfelt thanks to you all for using and supporting the library.


I would also like to thank the Friends of the Library. We have always had a committed and active Friends group and their efforts have expanded the work of the library in the best possible way, including programming and introducing new technologies.  Thanks to the Leelanau Township Board, who has given the library secure funding, civil  discourse, and supported many projects the library has brought to them. In the future, I hope this will include the library expansion project.  And thanks to all our many volunteers, some of whom are still volunteering today after 20 plus years of service. The volunteers have donated many thousands of hours of their valuable time to our library! I also want to thank my mentor and friend, Pauline McClure, a devoted library professional and public servant, who has been with me from the beginning. Finally, I would like to thank Children’s Program Coordinator and all-purpose Library assistant, Mary Crowgey, for all the good work she has done with children in our community, and for her willingness to help make the transition to a new Director an easy one.

As for me, I plan to travel with Chris, putter in the garden, visit kids and grandkids, use my library, and read, read, read!                                   

All the Best!

Deb Stannard