Leelanau Township Library

Notary Public

The Leelanau Township Library, located at 119 E Nagonaba St, Northport offers basic notary services as a courtesy. There is no charge. 

Notary services are generally available 9:30-5 Monday - Friday, this may vary. Persons seeking notary services should contact the library 231-386-5131 to ensure a notary will be available.

  • A valid photo ID with signature is required of all persons seeking notary services.
  • Documents must be signed in front of the notary.
  • Persons seeking notaries are responsible for knowing their document, the type of notary service needed, and where to sign. By law, notaries cannot give legal advice or explain documents. Please seek legal advise or contact the document issuing or receiving agency if help is needed.  Legal help for Michigan residents is available at Michigan Legal Help.
  • Persons needing witness signatures for their documents are required to bring their own witnesses with them. The Library does not provide witnesses. 

Leelanau Township Library notary staff does not offer electronic/digital notary services and does not/cannot notarize the following:

  • Documents outside of the library premises
  • Real Estate transactions: Mortgages, Deeds, Closing Documents ect
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Forms
  • Michigan Vital Records: Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce ( These are done by state and county officials)
  • Certify or notarize that a document is an original or a true copy of another record. In Michigan, a notary can only acknowledge the signature of the issuer or the holder (person on the document) making a true copy statement on, or attached to, the document.   
  • Documents written in another language other than English.
  • Provide a Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp. These are done through a financial institution participating in the Medallion program.
  • Provide a Apostille. This is offered by the Secretary of State's office or Notary Commissioning agency. 
  • Library Notaries reserve the right to decline any document for any reason.