Leelanau Township Library

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The Friends of the Leelanau Township Library

The mission of the Friends is to promote the Leelanau Township Library and to provide direct financial assistance.

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Friend’s meetings are held on the last Monday of September and April, with additional meeting dates to be announced by postings and in the Leelanau Enterprise community calendar. The annual meeting is in June and is open to the public.


Katherine McDonald, President, term expires June 2019

Cate Varley, Vice President, term expires June 2019

Patricia McGee, Secretary, term expires June 2018

Sharon Golm & Patty Noftz, Treasurers, term expires June 2019


Membership to the Friends of the Leelanau Township Library is open to the public for an annual rate of $1.00 with donations gratefully accepted. In addition to the various projects for fund raising, donations are a vital part of the group’s ability to give direct financial assistance to the library.


The Friends of the Library was organized in 1962 by a group of local citizens inspired by Irma Dalzell, the Librarian. Once the group was formed and money raised in various ways for needed furnishings, a telephone and some new books for the library located in an old house in Northport, it became apparent that this library was not sufficient to meet the needs of the community. The focus and energy of the Friends soon turned to provide a new library. With help from many local citizens, consulting help from the State Library, plus fund raising and short-term loans from a few citizens, the move to build a new library was underway. The township board then decided it would like to have the building include township offices, possibly those of the village and the fire department. Under these circumstances, the old Village Hall could be replaced by the new building. A new building committee representing all the possible participants was formed. Arrangements had been made to secure federal matching funds if plans and the local financing were in place by Jan. 1, 1967. The Friends met their goal of providing a third of the total cost. A new building was completed and the library moved to its present location in 1968. The FRIENDS OF THE LEELANAU TOWNSHIP LIBRARY continues to be a vital resource to the township library. 

The Friends of the Leelanau Township Library is a 501(c)(3)

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